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Our archive of documents, insights and relevant information on Indian Ocean history, music, art, culture and language.


Paul Choy, 2015

"Have fun with Creole.. it is not burdened with the rigid structure of other languages, it’s a wonderfully expressive tongue" 

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Music & History


Forms of both music and dance, maloya and séga are part of the region’s folklore, handed down by word of mouth. 

Singing, dancing & sharing; join our sunset ritual

"Our hearts vibrate to the sounds of the percussions resounding in the night..." A deep-dive into music & culture in Mauritius, presented by musician Kirty Gerard O'Clou. 

Reginald Omas Mamode IV and Jeen Bassa, 2020

Brothers Reginald Omas Mamode IV and Jeen Bassa share the traditional music of Mauritius and the Mascarene islands.

Anton Spice, 2016

A potent mix of western funk, soul and psych with the traditional séga rhythm and its trademark ravanne drum, the music set fire to the island’s ’70s dancefloors. 

Timelines & Ancestry

"...Often called a “rainbow paradise island” because of its rich cultural diversity and blend of religions"

To show the extent, breadth and diversity of the origins of Mauritians. The ancestors of Mauritians have not only come from elsewhere, Mauritians too have migrated and contributed to the creation of a Mauritian diaspora.


A 'time-tunnel': 50 years of independence shown through the lens of 50 artists.

Located in the heart of Port Louis and in a historic building, this artistic venue is unique in the Indian Ocean. Serves as a gateway between collective history and individual memories, between pasts and futures, between islands, generations, and Indo-oceanic cultures.

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