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core values

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We are committed to providing a creative space celebrating Mauritian and islander culture provided for and by the islander community where no one is excluded based on race, gender identity, religion or sexuality.


We celebrate the vast and diverse heritage on the island and welcome all those that resonate or are interested in our values and culture. We especially welcome those with queer identities and aim to continue to provide a space where everyone can feel welcome to explore our multicultural heritage with us.

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One of our main aims is to create an archive of new and existing sounds by blending indigenous Indian Ocean sounds with quintessential UK club music.


We aim to celebrate both sides of our dual British and Mauritian heritages through bridging this gap musically and drawing attention to the importance in the evolution of both musical cultures. Pink Islands strives to be a platform where we can fuse together these parts of our identities and encourage other artists to also explore this duality, as often we are forced to overlook one or the other due to our lack of visibility. 


We aim to represent the spectrum of what it means to be Mauritian from a musical standpoint and explore the concept of escapism through music and club culture. We endeavour to draw attention to the concept of escapism as the birthplace of sega music as developed by slaves and indentured labourers.

We aim to honour this history and culture through a revival of the music through the lens of the British Mauritian diaspora using quintessential instruments such as the Ravanne, Maravanne, triangle and creole vocals to reclaim our heritage.

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Building the space and reaching out to other members of the community across the Indian Ocean and Caribbean Islands that align with our message.


Cultivating a safe space over time for the diaspora to thrive creatively. Strong focus on uplifting, supporting and encouraging one another in our work. Working intergenerationally and drawing on the experiences and stories of the elder generations and working to build our community around respect for the generations before us.


Aiming to build a community based around hosting regular music events, showcasing new talent and providing a hub where Mauritian and islander communities can connect and celebrate. Sharing a passion for club culture we unite and connect through music.


Collaborating with other queer, UK and islander-based collectives that align with our message and especially rooted in islander heritage.


Bridging the gap between the diaspora and Mauritius. Collaborating with other Mauritian based collectives in underground music and sharing support, ideas and resources where possible.

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We intend to celebrate other creative mediums that shape island culture such as visual culture, food and dance.


By doing this we intend to capture history through the documentation of stories, photographs, videography and literature. We will be exploring British/European, South Asian and African cultural exchange and its history in the islands by delving into the original inhabitants of Mauritian slaves and indentured labourers and linking family trees and familial histories.


Creating an archive of information that shares education around Mauritian culture, heritage and history.


To give opportunities to people new to the music scene that want to explore their heritage. Provide resources that give an understanding of the heritage and provide workshops, educational spaces and discussion panels to do with island culture and identity.

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