Salut and Hello everyone! I am Soricah and I am an LGBTQ+ Mauritian/Irish Singer and Musical Artist currently living in London Town! I have been brought up in Mauritius, Africa and Ireland and my musical journey is heavily influenced by living my life as an LGBTQ+ artist in these amazing places. I was lucky enough to spend 2 years in Mauritius growing up, learning French and Creole, enjoying roti and the ravan and of course the Sega… I try, with my music, to reflect these very different musical cultures and grow into incorporating not only my sexuality, but these very different musical styles into my songs. I released an EP last year called “Let the Fire Burn Free”, which delves into a more autobiographical look at my relationship I have experienced thus far and Coming Out and being PROUD! I hope some of you may relate to the words! I am also releasing a new song in December and continuing to learn and grow as an artist.

The last time I was in Mauritius, I noticed more and more of an LGBTQ+ movement, and more courageous souls coming out and being proud! I know how hard it can be at the beginning, breaking tradition, being your authentic self, but things are changing and I am proud at how far we have all come!

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