Island Pieces

A newsletter created and curated by two Indo-descendant Mauritian women who crossed paths in France. Island Pieces is a project that was born out of endless discussions on what it means to be a Mauritian woman today. We wanted to create a platform where we could explore our relationship with our home island through the prism of gender, race and class.

"I was born in Italy to Mauritian parents, and, after several years there, my family and I moved to France in search of better life opportunities. As part of the Mauritian diaspora, I have always nurtured a positive image of Mauritius as a safe haven for people like me, a real home where I didn’t have to struggle to fit in. However, that rosy image did not last because I quickly realized that racial discrimination was highly prevalent in Mauritian society, I was just privileged enough to not be on the receiving end of that discrimination. I studied political and social sciences in France and Ireland and I’m currently working in an NGO that supports underprivileged and impoverished populations." - Amanda

"I grew up in Mauritius and left the island at the age of 18 years old to pursue a university degree in France. It’s now been 11 years since I left home, and it took me a while to fix my relationship with it. I studied political sciences and sociology in France and in The Netherlands, and have been writing about identity, feminism and anti-racism on personal blogs and social media during the last 4 years. I have a personal newsletter called The Brown Self, and I am also part of the Brown decolonial feminist collective Spicy Devis." - Sabrina