Club Kali

Club Kali Network is a LGBTQ+ organisation which aims to reduce isolation through safe, celebratory social events for people of minority/South Asian heritage.

Established in 1995 as a club night in London, it quickly grew into a strong, diverse community where members from minority communities found support in commonalities, and unity in differences. Members are largely of South Asian heritage but also include Middle Eastern, Greek/Turkish, African, Caribbean and Asian LGBTQ+ people from all over the world.

The events enable members to meet, make new friends, socialise and celebrate multi-cultural identities. Kali the name is inspired by the Goddess Kali, who represents freedom after a battle destroying evil. Club Kali reflects the safe space which enable members to experience freedom, self-expression, a sense of belonging, and connect with other LGBTQ+ minority people. The safe space recognises the harm and oppression faced by members; racism, homophobia, injustices, discrimination, issues and rejection from families/communities as a result of actual or perceived LGBTQ+ identity.

Club Kali isn’t just a club, it's now a global supportive community where members make friends, connections, feel validated, and share issues eg, isolation, mental health, homelessness, forced marriage, abuse, addiction, etc. The members are aged from 18 to 70, 80% male identified, and come from a multiple of faith backgrounds.

Rita Kali

· Co-Founder of Club Kali

· CEO Broken Rainbow UK & establishment of the National LGBT Domestic Violence Helpline

· Freelance Charity Business Consultant & Trainer