British Asian LGBTI - Support for south asian Lgbti community

Dr Siddhi Joshi is founder and chairperson of British Asian LGBTI. Identifying as a south Asian lesbian woman of Gujarati heritage, Siddhi is passionate about reducing healthcare disparities due to cultural taboos and obstacles in society. In 2018, she and her fellow colleagues co-organised the inaugural South Asian LGBTI conference in 2018 at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. She is a PhD qualified marine scientist by profession with a Masters degree in International Human Rights Law.

Why is this minority group so under represented and what is the common experience? This online support group aims to help unite this community and reduce isolation and discrimination faced, defend global LGBTI rights (including repealing Section 377 in India and Asia), specializing in intersectionality of race and sexuality issues. Since September 2013, this group does important work on queer visibility and aims to reduce homophobia and racism, improving understanding of South Asian LGBTI mental health issues as well as promote acceptance.